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You're Doomed


You’re Doomed takes place on the HMS Ridonkulous, a planet size space ship. After a ship wide infection has destroyed and mutated the crew the player and friends must fight their way through the ship to safety. The player must battle through the engineering decks, the ships habitat, the officer’s quarters, along the ship’s outer surface and across the escape pod bay.

This game is designed to be a fast paced, action orientated experience, with the central design philosophy of instant gratification. It is being designed so that the time between picking up a game controller and being in the action is only a few seconds. This experience is being aimed at a modern YouTube audience, as this is where the instant gratification design originates, this audience expects to be entertained almost immediately because of services such as YouTube and Netflix where entertainment is a click away and on-demand. However, there are few games which can fill these criteria and the company plans to use this hole in the video game market. 

You’re Doomed is being designed as a multiplayer experience, that can be played both at home with friends in the same room or across the internet. The multiplayer experience is being designed so that there is parity between the local and online modes, so that users will have the same experience where-ever or however they choose to play. Players will also be able to engage directly with their friends online or drop into a stranger’s game. Regardless of who is playing You’re Doomed or where in the world they are playing they will always be able to pick up a controller and be in the game within seconds.

You’re Doomed features an expansive character selection roster, with 4 males and 4 female characters for players to choose from, each featuring their own unique appearance.

You’re Doomed will be constructed with the Unreal Engine 4. Constructing the game with the Unreal Engine 4 will remove a significant technological burden on the company and dramatically reduce the development time of the game and cost of development. 

Black Dragon Studios is excited to announce the pre-alpha of our first game ‘You’re Doomed’. 

You can get your hands on the pre-alpha by joining the community on discord: where you can download the latest builds of the game and chat with the devs.

New pre-alpha builds will be coming as development continues over the next few months and we’re always interested to hear what you think.

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