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Gallia Recreation


The Gallia Recreation was the first major project between Past In Pixels and Black Dragon. This was a pilot study aimed at testing real-time underwater visualisations, user interaction, and education through gaming experiences. The wreck which was recreated by Black Dragon Studios is presumed to be the wreck of the Gallia, a steam ship that was approximately 91 meters in length and built in Sunderland, UK, it was used as a troopship in WW1. 

This project was created in partnership with the Maritime Archaeology Trust in the UK and the Forgotten Wrecks of the First World War project. The Gallia was recorded as part of the Forgotten Wrecks project and the Maritime Archaeology Trust (MAT) allowed us use of the photogrammetry model and the wreck photographs and diver video. 

The diving on the wreck took place in 2015 just south of Bournemouth. The wreck currently lies in approximately 38 metres of water. The photogrammetric model of the wreck site was created by Brandon Mason at MAT, who then processed and refined the model in the photogrammetric software.

Using the diver video and dive photos, as well as personal testimony from the divers at MAT, we rebuilt all of the elements of the wreck, such as remaining hull form, debris, and artefacts, using the photogrammetry and pictures as a base. A short demo video of the recreation can be seen below.

For this project we used the Unreal Engine 4 for the real-time rendering and interactive elements.

Past In Pixels is a USA based non-profit organisation specialising in Heritage visualisations and education. You can visit their website here.

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