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You're Doomed

pre-alpha 3 change log


You're Doomed

Pre-Alpha 2019-09-05

Additions and changes:


  • New Level added– Mines: A whole new level, with new music, is in the build for testing

  • New default weapon added: The new Dual Shot weapon is in the build and is set to the default weapon

  • New 1st Tier weapon added: The new Quad Shot weapon is in the build, this can be upgraded to from the Dual Shot weapon.

  • New weapon charge shot system: When the player is not shooting the weapons now automatically charge up for a power shot. The charge tacks 1 second.

  • New weapon upgrade system: Earning multiplier orbs now powers up the special bar on the UI, when it is full it can be used to upgrade the weapon.

  • New weapon sounds

  • The Room control code has been updated

  • The spawning code has been updated: Only spawners within a limited range of the players will spawn enemies now.

  • Infected NPCs AI has been updated: the code has been simplified, without affecting the behaviour

  • Chucker NPC code has been updated: the AI code has been simplified, the reloading animation has been removed, Chuckers will now only attack if they are on screen.

  • New Grenade sound effects

  • New Chucker types: Four Chucker types exist now: Sludge, Fire, Rock, and Ice. Only Fire and Rock types appear in this build.

  • New hazard puddle effects: The hazard puddles (sludge and fire) have been updated and now use a particles for their surface instead of polygon meshes.

  • New Fire type hazard puddle added.

  • New Rock type hazard puddle added.

  • Health systems code updated: The health system code has been updated and refined to remove bugs and streamline their use.

  • Explosive barrel updates: The explosive barrels will now spawn a fire hazard puddle after the explosion.

  • New Sludge barrels added: Explosive sludge barrels have been added to the build, these will leave behind a sludge hazard puddle.

  • New Controls: Shoulder buttons will update the weapon (when charged) and clicking the analogue sticks will activate the push back.

  • Kickstarter link on the main menu

  • Dead players will now respawn when a room is completed.

  • The grenade amount display display bug is now fixed.

  • The grenade pickups have been updated: The Grenade pick up boxes have been updated to hold 3 grenades and players will only take as many grenades as then need when they run into these boxes. When all the grenades have been collected the boxes will disappear.

  • New Infected NPC miner skins.

  • Player code updated: The Player character’s code has been updated to prepare the characters for the full player character selection, which will be coming in a future build.

  • Updated multiplier pick up (orbs) code: The new code is far more efficient, and has taken a large load off the CPU

  • Updated projectile motion code: The game’s projectiles now use a new simple and cheap projectile motion component.

  • New multiplier pickup emitter: Multiplier orbs are now emitted over time instead of all at once to reduce CPU load.



Known issues:


  • Fatal errors occur during the first use of the game: The game will usually suffer two fatal errors during start-up, after each error the game automatically attempts to re-launch, on the third launch the game will run fine.

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