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You're Doomed is in Pre-Alpha

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Our next game You're Doomed is now in public pre-alpha on Discord and GameJolt, so why not join us in deep space, on a space ship the size of a planet, during a rampant infection, with some massive guns!

You're Doomed is a fast-paced twin stick arcade shooter developed by Black Dragon Studios. You're Doomed focuses on the idea of competitive co-op and instant gratification gameplay. The competitive co-op gameplay encourages players to work together whilst fighting for high-scores, multipliers and rewards.

You’re Doomed is currently in Pre-Alpha, and we have an open participation in this, you can download the latest build from right here, there is also link on our discord ( We’ve been using discord to talk with and feedback to the community, the feedback we’ve had from previous builds has been invaluable and made a big impact on the development of the game, and we can’t thank you all enough! We’ll be merging our updates to be seamless across all the platforms we’re working on, and we’re looking forward to working with the community here to make this game even more awesome!

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