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Wednesday Tech Update

Hello all, I hope you’re well.

The next weapon in the game, the Quad Shot, is finished and in to the in house version of the game now! This weapon has four barrels (if you can’t tell from the name :P), two in the middle and one of either side. The two middle barrels are on top of each other and fire alternatively, these two both shoot a medium sized projectile. The two side barrels fire a triple shot of small bullets every time they shoot, but these have the added bonus of ricocheting off walls and other solid geometry, for a second chance of hitting an enemy. The charge shot for the this weapon fires off three large projectiles which do a lot of damage to any enemies they hit, but like the side shots these will also ricochet around the rooms until one of the following happens: they hit an enemy, they hit a solid object 5 times, or 5 seconds pass since their creation, so there’s plenty of chances for extra hits with these charge shots.

You're Doomed Quad Shot weapon gameplay
You're Doomed Quad Shot weapon gameplay

Honestly I’m so happy with this weapon, it is exactly what I saw in my head, and it is so much fun to play with, and I can’t wait to get a new pre-alpha build out to everyone with these new weapons in it.

In other news we’ve been looking into streamlining out modelling and material creation workflows for characters and level geometry these past few weeks, because we really want to accelerate this part of the design process, and to implement a lot of the lessons learn from the Copper Canyon Shoot Out. Now, I’m super happy about this because it gives me an excuse to get back into Substance Designer (I’m in love with this software. Node based material generation.. so good). As a test case I rebuilt our painted floor textures for engineering in Substance Designer.

An image displaying the differences between hand painted versus node designed floor textures
You're Doomed: handed painted floor material versus substance designer floor material

I’d say that this test was a complete success, and thankfully my colleagues agree with me, so we’ve begun to design and create the rest of our floor materials in Substance Design now too.

Floor materials being designed in Substance Designer
Floor materials being designed in Substance Designer

That’s it for now, have a great week all, and I’ll check back in soon.


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