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Monday tech update - Quad Shot Gun

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

Hey all, I hope you’ve had a good weekend. I didn’t manage to get a tech dev blog up on Friday because I had to go and get some paperwork signed by our solicitor, such is the joys of business.

Tech for me last week was spend mostly on getting the new Quad Shot weapon into the game, but it’s in now and working well. The gun has upper and lower barrels in the centre which fire the same type of projectile one after another, whilst at the same time two side barrels fire a triple shot of projectiles out at an angle. The side-wards firing triple shot will also ricochet once off of static and dynamic geometry, but not off enemy characters (they just get hurt by it). Check it out in action below:

Quad Shot Ricochet
Quad Shot Ricochet

I have another GIF here, that shows the angles being calculate and used in the ricochet. The red angle is the forward vector of the projectile, the green is the normal of the surface which has been hit by the projectile, and the blue is the reflected angle used for the ricochet:

The Quad Shot is nearly done now, all that remains is to get the charge shot finished, so more on that later in the week.

Catch you all soon, Jules.

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