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Monday Tech Update

Hello all, this Monday’s tech updates is going to be a bit shorter than usual, and by the end of this paragraph you should understand why. So my week is going to be broken into two parts, the first being our website. We’re making a few additions to the website, mainly by adding the blog to the website which requires a little redesign and a bit of a learning curve for me (I really wish we were using WordPress for the website). The second part of my week is going to be taken up by learning how to implement online multiplayer in Unreal. This is something we’ve ummed and erred about for a while but we’ve come to the conclusion that it’s worth trying to get this in the game for launch, because it will add so much to the game whilst building on our core design philosophies for the game; plus we’d really like to be able to take it beyond the couch. Don’t worry though this won’t come at the expense of local co-op, that’s in the game and will continue to be there.

So the rest of my updates this week might be a little bit low on game content, but hopefully I should be able to share a few cool things I’ve learnt! (Did I mention that I hate writing net code? Well I hate it.. Still going to do it though.)

Have a great week,


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