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Finishing Gwadys

Hi Guys, Well it's been a bit of a long week, but I have finally finished the Gwadys character model and texture. All modelling was done in Maya LT after initial design of the character was put together with good old Pen and paper then fed through photoshop. next stage was to work out the reference drawings before placing them in Maya so I could model the character. Because the characters will be from a top down view from a relatively distant camera, I have been Box modelling these characters instead of the usual ZBrush sculpt, re-topo, Normal bake pipeline that I've used in the past (Copper Canyon characters were box modelled as well). After modelling then UV mapping the character, I break down the individual texture sets ready for painting within Substance Painter. Sub Painter is fantastic for 3D painting and allows me to use some old Games Workshop model painting techniques that I learned YEARS ago. I only need to export each of the individual textures (Base Colour, Roughness, Metallic, Ambient Occlusion, Emissive and Normal) so Jules can apply them in engine. Once the individual characters are skinned and rigged it will be on to animation. One more character to create first though. Our 4th playable Character, Ruby McCampbell.


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